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We know how much time an money goes into these events. It's an all-stops-out, no holds barred party to make the most out of, or for, your organization. Having stunning event photography not only helps document the event, but can also influence value propositions in the future. Photos that can make you money? Yes please!

Large Events &




Parades are a time for remembrance and celebration. 

With this, you'll have wonderful photos to send to news outlets and plenty more to use for promoting next year's event. Think: Social media posts, marketing campaigns, editorials, website... There's some serious value in hiring a pro for this.



Finally, it's the day you've always dreamed of. Having the best photographer for the job has never been more important, since they only have one chance to capture it. How do you catch love in an image? How does seeing a photo make you cry all over again? 

I spend so much time with my wedding clients. The process of getting to know them is as important as taking the actual photos. 

Sometimes you get those parties that are too good to be left un-captured.

Birthdays &





Getting good photos on a boat can  be harder than you think sometimes. The boat is rocking, the sun is bright, but whatever! Shipboard events are some of the most awesome parties I have photographed. In 2018 alone I photographed 24 events aboard the Summer of George, a well known (and big) party boat on Lake Michigan. I have so many amazing photos from that ship that I had to make a category for it. Let me know if you would like to charter the George. But weather it's a pontoon boat or the Odyssey of Lake Michigan, you can count on me to capture it with style.


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This is just a preview, but this category has an entire page on my site dedicated to the art of concert, festival, music and performance photography. Concert photography is a meld of my two loves: Music and Photography. Once I was 18 I could finally attend concerts. And you better believe I had my camera with me. I started meeting the right people, got gigs, and I haven't looked back. What you see before you and in the gallery is a culmination of years of experience and sheer love for the arts. Saving the best for last.