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a tradition for generations

Today it seems like time flies by faster than ever. Before you know it, the kids will have graduated and flown the coop.

To come home every day and see the photos on the wall reminds us of what's truly important in life. It reminds the family and others about the importance of strong relationships.


"No matter how technology evolves, tradition is one thing that never fades. Just like having Thanksgiving family dinners at grandma’s place has always been a tradition passed to every generation, and so are family portraits. While you are seeing the importance of this point, your teenage daughter is probably rolling her eyes at it now. But they will also come to appreciate its value and trust in the process later on." says journalist Anne Davis.


If you're looking to keep the tradition going or to start a new one, Steven Koch is the photographer that will capture it right!




the journey to motherhood

Happiness is on the way! And as that small baby bump grows, so does the love of a mother-to-be for her child. 

Unfortunately, as human beings, it is normal for us to forget things as time goes by - how you felt during your pregnancy, how you looked, etc.

Many mothers want to hold these incredible moments in photographs. That's why every maternity session we do is custom tailored to you. No pushy photographers, no "off-the-shelf" shoots either.

Luckily, every maternity session comes with digital downloads and access to our award-winning print lab partners for easy online ordering of your favorite images.

Have fun, capture it, and celebrate new life!



the staple of industry

In every essence of the professional world, appearances matter.

What we wear, how we act, are of many aspects that play a role in how people think of us as, well, people.

In fact, according to a report published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), nearly 75% of employers that participated in the study said a candidate’s grooming would have a strong influence on their opinion of the candidate.

Today, almost everything is online. And first impressions are everything. You need to make sure your image expresses who you are and how you want to be seen, and hiring a professional photographer can help. 


A professional photographer is there to advise and present ideas that you may not have considered. It can really make a difference in business. 



I think the great part about these photos is that many of the people depicted aren't actually models. They're either aspiring models or just regular people that wanted a model style shoot. 

This goes beyond the normal scope of portraiture. Model shoots involve conceptualizing and extra planning. Creative ideas flow and combine visual elements with modern lighting and editing techniques.

A model style shoot is where the subject and the photographer work at their best. You'll get the opportunity to learn the methodology behind how to light and capture photos as your idea comes to life in this immersive experience. Everything from mood boards to final editing are included. On- site hair and makeup stylists are additional.

concepts and ideas




the best of you

There is so much more to show you in the realm of portraits and editorial work. From stylized projects to graduation portraits to production stills for television, I have been blessed to have all these opportunities. Whatever your idea, dream big. In the world of photography, there are no limits. And when you give someone hope, even the impossible becomes attainable.


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